Amazon's Black Friday deals continue to roll in as a full week of huge savings kicks off.

And one product getting a lot of attention online is a white noise machine that has left shoppers grateful fo its ability to block out "problems" and "noisy neighbours". The Magicteam White Noise Machine is currently down to £19.99, a 20 per cent reducing on its original price point of £23.99.

The device has 20 non-looping sounds, including white, brown, pink, blue noise. The machine also has more natural noise options such as sounds of birds or a bonfire. The Magicteam White Noise Machine also has 32 levels of volume and a built in sleep timer, ranging from one to five hours, making it versatile to suit your needs, as writes MyLondon.

The machine also has a memory function that allows for your preferences to be stored without the need to fiddle about with it every time you need to use it. The sought-after device has been hailed on Amazon, with shoppers explaining that it can be used to help sooth both adults and kids, as well as tiny babies, with its wide range of functions.

The Magicteam machine boasts 4.4 out of five stars on average from more than 1,000 reviews online, as well as garnering a good review from sleep blogger No Sleepless Nights.

The blogger wrote: "The small and lightweight design makes it easily transportable, so it’s a convenient device if you’re traveling. However, the speaker doesn’t produce a lot of bass, and the maximum volume isn’t extremely high. So the small speaker may be less effective at blocking external noises compared to the more powerful white noise machines." You can read about all the pros and cons of the white noise machine in the full review.

Amazon white noise machine
Shoppers are hailing the machine for its ability to block out noise

Shoppers on Amazon have been left impressed two, with one happy customer writing: "I honestly can’t believe I’m writing a review for this because I didn’t know such a product had existed. Wish I had found out about this sooner because it would have saved me countless sleepless nights and severe anxiety. Lived in a flat share and my flat mates were noisy and didn’t care to respect quiet hours (11pm-7am). Had to use this to drown out the banging and clanging from the guy next door and although it didn’t drown everything out (I couldn’t have it on too loud either), it did a decent job of drowning the noise out. I had it on the brown noise setting and it gradually became normal to have on in the background. I actually at one point had it on, day and night! It is such an impressive little gadget and has quite a few sound options. I’ve since moved out of my last place but still use it to sooth me at night. Extremely impressed and honestly worth every penny! Wish I had found it sooner! It arrived well packaged and is small and portable, so you can take it with you if you are travelling etc."

Tech deal of the week

Virtual reality headsets are the next frontier of gaming, but their price tags will be a barrier to most shoppers.

And while Amazon's Meta Quest 2 deal has sold out, but another retailer is offering an even better value Black Friday deal. Originally £399.99, savvy shoppers can get the Meta Quest 2 VR headset for just £199 on Very using a special code.


Very's site shows the Meta Quest 2 already reduced to £249.99, but to get the full savings, you'll need to buy it before November 27 and use the code VKEXL to get £50 credited back to your card or account.

The deal works out to be £100 cheaper than Amazon's now sold-out bundle which offered the headset and a £50 gift voucher for £249.99. And over at Currys and Argos, the headset is £249.99. That makes Very the best place to get a Meta Quest 2 for yourself or others this Christmas.

Another added: "Really happy with this item! I use the white noise at night and it helps block out sounds from outside. Good value too." However, a less pleased person wrote: "The product does create a variety of white noise. However, the tinny speaker can't generate low frequencies and thus can't drown out other low frequency noises. I'd return it, but I fear someone else eventually getting hold of it and being disappointed too."

However, some shoppers noted that the machine omits blue light, causing a little annoyance for some. Another complaint noted that the machine needs to be plugged in to use, with one shopper writing: "Has to be plugged in and switched on to use. No batteries (chargeable or otherwise). When tried to return, told item cannot be returned. No reason given as to why not!!"

You can access the Amazon deal here.

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The Magicteam White Noise Machine is also available on eBay but at a higher price point of £33.99. You can purchase from eBay here.

There are, of course, other methods you can try out if you are struggle to get a good night's sleep. For example, you can try wearing sleep mask to block out any light interfering with your rest. Amazon offers a wide range of sleep masks online, such as the Boniesun Blackout Eye Mask on sale for £6.99, reduced from £9.99. Amazon shoppers highly recommend the product, with one even branding it the "best eye mask in the entire world!"