A new brainteaser has just dropped, and this time it's a perfect choice for the festive season coming up.

Online retailer 247 Blinds and Curtains has created a novelty roller blind that doubles up as a brainteaser. In the festive design, a Christmas tree is hidden within the forest floor pattern.

Hidden somewhere in the depths of this enchanting design is one of the most fun parts of the festive season, and you have been challenged to find it.

Give it a go below:

Christmas tree puzzle.
This puzzle doubles up as a novelty blind as well

This one is rather interesting as there is a lot of greenery going on - but you might miss the one green thing you are looking for.

Hint - if you are still finding it difficult to spot the tree, check the bottom right hand corner.

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Spoiler alert… If your brain is planning Christmas and struggling to find the tree, all will be revealed below:

Christmas tree puzzle.
Did you spot it?

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