A brand new football-related brainteaser has hit the internet this week, following the eventual end of the international week.

As the club seasons resume this weekend, fans are eagerly awaiting to see their favourite teams back in action on the pitch. One thing that is sure to get football fans' thoughts racing is a new brain teaser provided by Live Football Tickets, which has got even the most loyal fans stumped.

The sports-inspired brain teaser is challenging readers to find the missing trophy amongst the football scene, and is even proving tricky to the most sharp-eyed individuals.

According to Live Football Tickets, on average, it takes 69 seconds to crack this particularly tricky Premier League brain teaser - and one in five are said to have thrown the towel in and given up completely.

Give it a go below:

Football puzzle.
Can you spot the odd object out?

Can you spot the trophy? If you are struggling, remember it will be a different colour to the other objects.

Also, if you are still finding it difficult, check the top right corner - it might help you out.

No luck? You can scroll down to the answered puzzle below:

Football puzzle solution.
Here's the answer - did you get it?

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