Taking on a brain teaser or optical illusion from time-to-time can help sharpen your brain and help keep your mind fit and active.

The challenges can help to improve focus and problem solving, as well as allowing you to secure bragging rights when solving the puzzles quicker than your family or friends.

So, if you are up for a challenge why not take on this autumnal themed illusion that features animals hidden amongst the leaves. The fun, albeit a little frustrating, test has been released by UK-based online printing company instantprint, with four animals nestling themselves beneath the yellow and orange leaves fallen from the trees.

According to the puzzle makers, only those with sharp eyes will be able to identify the four animals. Is that you?

Try your luck by looking closely at the image below.

Animals hidden in leaves
Can you spot the animals amongst the leaves?

If you are struggling a little, we have a tip that may help out.

However, if you are still taking on the task and do not want any hints, don't scroll down just yet.

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The animals you are looking for are a fox, turkey, hedgehog and a squirrel. See them now?

If you are just about ready to give up, you can find the answer below. Or if you want to make sure you have completed the teaser, compare your answers to those shown in the image below.

However, if you are still trying to spot the animals, take this as your spoiler warning!

Animals hidden in leaves revealed
Here are the answers to the autumnal brain teaser...

Did you spot them?

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