A puppy who was found dumped in a Scots park with a horrific skin condition has made a miraculous recovery one month on.

Saxa, a young female bulldog, was found abandoned by a member of the public at Stewart Park in Aberdeen on October 18. The poorly pup was discovered covered in scabs and had red, inflamed skin.

She was rushed to vet charity PDSA before she was taken into the care of the Scottish SPCA. Saxa was found to have been suffering from a chronic skin condition for some time and for weeks officers gave her medicated baths.

Images of the poor animal show her skin almost completely bare of fur with red, scaly rash across the body. But after weeks of treatment including antibiotics and sterioids, Saxa has made a full recovery.

Officers from SSPCA shared recent images of Saxa with a full and shiny coat. They say she is much less nervous and is "always on the lookout for love".

Saxa is "always on the lookout for love"
Saxa is "always on the lookout for love"

A statement from the animal welfare charity reads: "Saxa was abandoned one month ago. She was found in a horrendous state, suffering from a chronic skin condition. She was scared and in pain.

"But today it’s a different story and we’re so excited to share her progress. Our dedicated team have been giving her regular medicated baths, as well as antibiotics and steroids. She is so much more confident and her true personality has shone through.

"She still has the occasional woof if she is caught off guard, but she is already much less nervous and is always on the lookout for love. After taking the time to build her trust, she is now super cuddly with our team. All she wants is to sit on their knee and give kisses.

"She still hasn’t fully covered from her ordeal and needs ongoing treatment, but we hope she can start looking for her forever home soon."

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