The Tartan Army raised a glass to the Scotland squad on Sunday night as they got a rousing reception on the back of qualifying for Germany.

But it still seems as though some glasses at half full – while Celtic and Rangers fans wasted no time in resuming Hotline hostilities. The 3-3 draws in the dead rubber didn’t matter much in the end but some fans were left wondering why Lawrence Shankland didn’t get more than a late cameo after his Georgia heroics. Tim Gibbens emailed: “Given how Steve Clarke has treated Lawrence Shankland this season, I’m surprised he didn’t get the striker a T-shirt with 'I’m off to Dingwall' on it to wear at the end of the Norway match.”

David McDonald, Cumnock, said: “It would appear Clarke has something against Shankland. He was only given the last five minutes against Georgia yet despite this scored the equalising goal and he did not start against Norway. What more does Shankland have to do to prove his worth?”

It might be the hangover after the party but the doom merchants were out in force. Tam Bain, Desborough, said: “I know Scotland has a couple of injuries ,but the guys who come in have to be better or were in trouble. The defence has to be a lot tighter there is a lot of good young players around at the moment.”

Scotland's Lawrence Shankland

Neil Renton, Leith, said: “It’s just as well for Zander Clark’s sake that Erling Haaland pulled a sickie. If the Norwegian striker had been fit there’s a chance he would have ended Clark’s international career. His performance against Norway was bad enough – with the Man City forward they could have scored a barrow load.”

Gary Stevenson, Newtonhill, said: “Watching the Scotland players dancing about with their £3.99 T-shirts on after securing a 3-3 draw with Norway Reserves was acutely embarrassing. Yes they are going to Germany, and every other team competing wants Scotland in their group.”

It’s back to the domestic game – and the usual sniping. Michael O’Leary, Glasgow, said: “I’m not sure where the Ryan Kent to Celtic story came from but safe to say that it will never happen. Ryan Kent was barely good enough to get into the Rangers team. He would really struggle to get a place on the bench at Celtic.”

Henry Moffat, Stirling, said: “The Europa League is prestigious from the semi finals onwards but is very much a Mickey Mouse tournament until that point – unlike the Champions League where Luis Palma and Matt O’Riley’s great performances in the two home games will see their value soar.”

While John Robertson, South Queensferry, said: “We keep hearing the usual nonsense regarding Celtic’s great coaches and how they develop players. This will be the development that got Brendan Rodgers the sack at Liverpool and Leicester – and hiding after hiding in Europe with Celtic. You should leave the comedy pages to Tam Cowan. Rodgers couldn’t spell development or coaching.”

John Bruce, Glasgow, said: “Now that the proper football is returning this weekend, so will the 'penalty to Rangers' narrative by Celtic fans – despite both teams being on six league penalties each, with both having scored four and missed two. Another flawed conspiracy theory?”