This glam mum has given a glimpse into her baby's lavish lifestyle as she has already racked up an impressive collection of designer goods.

At just six weeks old, baby Queeniana, already has a stunning Chanel bag, a Louis Vuitton and a Hermes blanket, a Balmain changing bag, and adorable outfits from Dior, Versace and Burberry. Her mum, Florentina Cunningham, 27, from the Scottish Borders, says she spends longer planning her daughter's outfits each day than her own.

She said: "She's already got a better wardrobe than I have. We went shopping in London in the summer where we bought our baby her very first Chanel bag before she was born.

"I also bought her a stunning pink puffball dress in Harrods for her to wear when she turns one."

Florentina was desperate for a little girl when she found out she was pregnant, and was over the moon to see pink smoke burst out of the cannon at her gender reveal. She immediately began decorating the nursery with pink accessories and an extravagant cot was decorated with cherubs and started shopping for her new daughter's outfits.

Florentina dreamed about how she would dress her little girl up in amazing outfits with matching accessories such as shoes, hats and handbags, and couldn't wait for her baby's arrival. Queeniana had her very first Chanel bag before she was even born, and her impressive collection of lavish outfits and accessories has only continued to grow.

Florentina with baby Queeniana
Florentina Cunningham says she spends longer planning her daughter's outfits each day than her own

She already has multiple pieces from top designers including, Burberry, Dior, Louise Vuitton, Hermes, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. Florentina also had lots of bespoke outfits made by a designer in Italy to dress Queeniana in when she was born.

She describes herself as 'extra' and loves to dress her daughter up every day, and spends more time on Queeniana's outfits than hers. Florentina likes to stand out from the crowd and loves anything over the top, which she likes to also reflect in how she dresses and spoils her adorable baby girl.

She also has Queeniana's Christmas presents sorted, and the baby will be getting a Louis Vuitton handbag from Father Christmas this year as well as a handmade wooden toy box and pram.

Florentina said: "I always want to give my daughter the best. People comment on social media saying she's spoiled and that she is like a little doll.

Queeniana dressed in her designer items
Queeniana dressed in her designer items

"It's been my dream to have a little girl and I couldn't wait to meet my baby girl, and spoil her with lovely things. We also do little pamper evenings together. She has all her little products lined up, a cosy dressy gown and fluffy slippers.

"It's the cutest thing ever, and she loves getting pampered. I can't wait for us to do more things like this together when she is older."

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