Tesco has introduced a new checkout system for customers using the self-service tills - and some have said it works "like magic."

The supermarket chain is trialling a new technology that will see all shelves in the store weighed, which will help put an end to the dreaded "unexpected item in the bagging area" alert. It comes just after the launch of its GetGo service in select stores.

As reported by BirminghamLive, the new system uses fresh tech which implements sensors and cameras to Tesco stores, which will be watching the items shoppers place in bags.

Customers will then be presented with a list of the items they have purchased, which they can then select from, meaning they can pay without ever needing to scan their items.

Sarah Quiggin, head of store customer experience, said: "This is about cutting out some of the challenges around scanning. Sometimes there can be issues with certain barcodes and products. The alert for an 'unexpected item in the bagging area' is a classic one that customers get frustrated about, understandably.

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"With the 'no-scan' tills, you turn up to the checkout and you pay."

According to the Sunday Times, the new technology has already been launched in a Tesco Hammersmith store, with one shopper telling the publication they are happy with the new change.

They said: "It was like magic the first time, because it came up on the screen without me doing anything."

"I was confused - but I use it every time now."

The supermarket chain recently announced it was trialling its GetGo checkout free experience in a Fulham Express Store, which means that shoppers can now take items from shelves and "just walk up" to the checkout which will "magically present them with a list of the products they have picked up".

The experience, first launched in 2021, usually requires you to pay with an app, but staff have been trialling new technology that means you do not have to scan your items at all.

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