Washing machines and tumble dryers are two of the most expensive appliances to run in our homes. However, there is "secret" button that you may not know about that can help cut costs on energy bills.

Keeping on top of laundry can be a real task, with washing and drying clothes a dreaded part of many people's chores. The tedious task can also be costly when it comes to energy, especially if you are doing lots of loads. But there may be a way to save and cut as much as 62 per cent off the energy used by your washing machine by pushing a "secret" button.

Sharing a clip of the hack on social media, one woman highlighted something many may be unaware of. By simple choosing a different washing machine cycle, you could save yourself cash, as writes The Mirror.

Most people automatically opt for the 40 degree washing cycle. This is a great option for getting ride of dirt and stains but it can actually cost substantially more compared to cooler cycles.

Taking to TikTok, Beth, also known as Budgeting Mum, explained that changing her washing machine temperature to 20 degree has helped her save energy and therefore money on her monthly bill.

In the video, the TikToker shows herself hovering her hand over her washing machine before turning the gauge reading 40 degrees to 20 degrees.

The mum-of-two stated that most washing machines are automatically set to 40 degrees. However, according to a Which?, the appliances available across the UK have had a temperature control panel built in since 2013.

According to tests carried out by the consumer champion site, turning the temperature down on the cottons program (from 40 to 20 degrees) can reduce energy expenditure by 62 per cent during each wash.

It explained: "This is because washing machines need to use less energy to heat water to lower temperatures." They also found that "cleaning power" was slightly worse at this settling, but you can offset this by switching to a liquid detergent. It concluded: "It should be enough for everyday cleaning."

Beth went on to add that if you are washing at lower temperature, you may want use stain removers.

It is also important to regularly run monthly maintenance washes to make sure the machine is clean if you are regularly washing at lower temperatures.

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