A disabled woman was found dead in her bed by her mum aged just 32.

Melissa Gray, who suffered from epilepsy and had learning difficulties, was discovered by her mum Sharron in their Wishaw home on November 6. The 53-year-old was Melissa's full-time carer after childhood epileptic fits had left Mellisa with the mental age of a toddler.

Sharron thought her daughter was sleeping when she went to check on her, before she touched her arm and realised she had tragically passed away.

Melissa's post-mortem was inconclusive and the heartbroken mum had been told she could face a nine-month wait for answers.

Sharron said: "I'm in complete shock, I still can't believe it. I keep thinking it is a nightmare and I will wake up. She was so young it was a tragedy.

"I shouted her name in the morning and didn't get a response. I thought something wasn't right so I went up to her room and I could see her in bed - I thought she was asleep.

Melissa loved everyone she met.
Melissa loved everyone she met.

"I touched her and she was freezing cold. I tried to move her and then realised she had passed away.

"I was screaming and called an ambulance but she was gone."

Melisa had suffered 45 epileptic seizures as a three-year-old which had left her brain damaged and unable to develop.

Sharon continued: "Melissa had severe learning difficulties, when she was three and a half she had 45 epileptic seizures out of the blue and it affected her brain. She was left stuck at the age of three and a half all of her life.

"She hadn't had a seizure in five years, but one week before her death she suffered one.

"She was an amazing person and loved everybody. I hated spending time apart from her.

"Even though she was 32, we called her the wain. She loved music, in particular, Lewis Capaldi and Queen and that is often how we connected with her."

Melissa with Julie.
Melissa with Julie.

Single mum Sharon says Christmas will be a struggle for the family without her daughter.

She added: "I'm going through hell. I don't know how I will get through Christmas without her.

"All she wanted this year was fairy lights around her TV and chocolates.

"Melissa loved Christmas. It won't feel like Christmas without her."

Melissa was well known in her home town of Wishaw and touched the lives of everyone she met. A fundraiser was created for the family to help pay towards funeral costs, and so far £800 has been donated by well-wishers.

You can find a link to the fundraiser here.

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