People on social media have been left gobsmacked after discovering an 'extra' use for door springs that they didn't know existed.

Usually positioned just above the floor on the wall, door springs are commonly used to protect the paintwork from the door hitting against it when it swings open, which can result in scratches or dents.

But according to one homeowner, they can actually be used for something else - and it's a lot handier than you think.

The hack was shared on TikTok by @artful_odds in a video which has amassed over 86,000 likes and hundreds of comments, the Mirror reports.

They revealed that the spring can actually act as a way to keep a door open rather than just protecting the wall behind it.

While they know this isn't the main use of the spring, it can be an "extra use IF you have a wall guard for the knob."

They demonstrated the hack in a short clip on their account, which was captioned: "From doorstopper to doorkeeper."

Apparently all you need to do if you want your door to stay open is to bend the stopper down, open the door fully over the top of it, then release the door - and the stopper should prevent it from closing again.

The clip went viral on TikTok, with thousands of comments from people who couldn't believe they were only just finding out about this. One person wrote: "How am I learning this today."

While another said: "What? I’ve never thought of this." A third added: "I've learned more from TikTok than any school that I've been to."

"Well, I was today years old," said a fourth. While a fifth theorised: "Bruh that’s why it’s called a door stopper and not a wall protector."

A few people tried it out for themselves at home - but some were disappointed to find that it hadn't worked for them.

"You guys can fit your whole foot under your door?" asked one.

"I mean I have one but it's a hard one and not bendy like that whatsoever. I'll just break the baseboard if I did that," argued another person.

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