Having fresh flowers around the home is a great way to add some life and colour to your interior, and there are so many options to choose from.

But unfortunately, they don't last forever, and you might find that after a week or two, your bouquet starts to become limp and dried up.

However, one woman on TikTok has shared an affordable hack to help fresh flowers last longer at home - and she says that doing this trick will help them thrive for up to one month.

The helpful tip was shared by @tiger_lee_uk, who often posts handy life hacks aimed at making everyday household tasks much easier.

Doing so has gained her a loyal following of over 110,000 people, who often head straight to the comment section to thank her for sharing her ideas.

The woman's flower tip couldn't be easier to follow, and all it requires is one simple ingredient you probably already have at home.

A voiceover across the video says: "Show me a life hack you randomly saw one day that's become an unconscious standard practice in your life."

And the woman, who captioned her video "flower hack", is seen preparing a vase to put them in.

She fills the glass vase up with water as you normally would, but before placing the blooms in, she adds a spoonful of sugar from a silver tin.

Then, she arranges the flowers one by one in the vase until they look ready to be displayed around the home, brightening it up in the process.

The woman claims this tip will help the blooms last "for a month" - and people in the comments were quick to agree.

One person said: "Yes, I do this, flowers last a long time."

Another wrote: "Yep I do that, and 7up [lemonade] works too."

A third penned: "Any florist will tell you 'flower food' is a combination of weak bleach and sugar. So it feeds the flowers and cleans the stems."

And a fourth suggested: "Cut the bottom leaves off, that will help too."

If you don't already have sugar in the house, you can pick it up from Tesco for as little as £1.09 or Asda for £1.19 - and a little goes a long way.

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