Meghan Markle endured yet another "awkward" moment during an event last week as she was hurried along the red carpet.

According to a body language expert, the Duchess of Sussex "managed to style it out" but the former royal was at risk of showing "irritation" as she was pushed along the red carpet like any other celebrity, the Mirror reports.

The former Suits actress made an appearance at the Variety's Power of Women event on Thursday and was among the celebrity guests who posed for photos for the occasion, which was hosted by the magazine in Los Angeles.

Footage from the event attracted attention over the duchess being ushered along the red carpet by an assistant as the 42-year-old briefly continued to pose before engaging with the individual and moving forward.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attends Variety Power of Women Los Angeles presented by Lifetime at Mother Wolf on November 16, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.
The duchess was seen being hurried along the red carpet by an assistant as she posed for the cameras

Body language expert Judi James shared her thoughts with GB News as she said the Meghan is becoming "pretty adept" at "recovery," with her suggesting that she turns a "slip-up" and potential "loss of dignity" into a "face-saving change of movement to rescue" her brand.

Comparing it to previous instances, Judi said: "Here though the risk actually looks greater in terms of either diminishing her status as a duchess or allowing an expression of impatience or irritation to leak out."

The expert added that publicists can be "quite firm" in the way that they "usher" celebrities along at events to ensure that the biggest names in the queue get the right amount of attention.

She claims that Meghan appeared to be "too much in the zone" to notice the hand reaching out to her that "gate-crashed" her photos.

Judi said it implied that Meghan can be "pushed along" just like other celebrities and claims that the gesture itself is usually a sign that a guest has gone "beyond their time limit" and that there are bigger names "waiting".

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Whilst Judi says it's fine to be "led or pulled along," as it implies that the celebrity needs to ensure they speak to all of the media but being "pushed or shoved along," even without direct physical contact, is "not a good look" for a celebrity.

She suggested that the duchess didn't seem to initially notice the "outstretched hand" that was directed towards her but when she did, she "ignored it, backing away" and continued to pose.

The body language specialist said there is a moment of "potential conflict" as the assistant continues to move forward with an "ushering gesture".

She added that it's at this moment that Meghan "performs her 'recovery'," before further sharing her thoughts.

Judi said that she was seen holding out her own hand as she connected with the assistant as though meeting up with a "lifelong fan or old friend".

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, arrives at Variety's Power of Women on Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023, at Mother Wolf in Los Angeles.
Meghan is an expert at "recovery" when awkward moments occur for her in public

Judi added: "She keeps hold of it, shaking it slightly as though signalling affection, before going back for a few more shots."

Further discussing the awkward red carpet situation, the expert said that Meghan's brief moment in the spotlight was "sullied" by the hand reaching out into photos of her and the "implied low status of being ushered along" at such an event.

She continued to say that members of the Royal Family "don't get ushered" and that the incident appeared to be a "small clash of status behaviours" for the Duchess of Sussex, "versus" Meghan as a former actress.

She concluded: "Her return in triumph looked compromised but she managed to style it out without looking annoyed."

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